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Camping in the City 2010

Camping in the City at Canterbury School is a full-time summer program that is specially designed to be fun and educational for children age 3 through 8.  It includes students from our year-round school plus additional students from other schools.  Highly-qualified teachers guide children in the classroom, outdoors, and on numerous field trips.  Classrooms are well-equipped and class sizes are small.

Visual Art, Usable Art, and Performing Arts are the themes for the summer.  After an introduction to each theme, student’s individual interests are explored further.  Hands-on academics, including literacy, mathematics, and science, are also integrated throughout each day.  In addition to the classroom experience, children enjoy field trips, swimming, and outdoor play.

The ultimate goal is for children to feel successful and confident, as they become friends, team members, and leaders. All activities are specifically tailored for each age group. Our small class sizes allow friendships to flourish, and our end of the summer talent show showcases students’ learning.

Field Trips

Campers will enjoy about two field trips per week in addition to weekly swimming. Field trips include major Atlanta attractions, including Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Fernbank History Museum, and Imagine It! Children's Museum. Field trips also include local galleries and museums, a cooking lesson, a dance studio, an art studio, a movie theatre, performances at local theaters, numerous local parks, and several others. Swimming lessons are also available. Contact us for more information.

2010 Summer Camp Schedule
June 1 - June 18 Visual Arts: 2-D & 3-D Art
June 21 - July 9 Usable Arts: Pottery, Architecture, Culinary Arts, & Design
July 12 - August 4 Performing Arts: Drama, Dance, & Music
July 29 End of the Summer Talent Showcase

Visual Arts & Artists

Goals:  Creativity, Motivation, and Appreciation

Description:  Students will gain appreciation for the visual arts as they study other’s works and create art of their own.  They will be introduced to painting, drawing, photography, sculptures, mobiles, prints, graphic design, and more.  They will select from a variety of materials and experiment with different techniques. Students will collect their art in a portfolio and will display their selected works in an art gallery at our end of the summer talent showcase.

Usable Arts & Artists

Goals: Perseverance, Concentration, and Confidence

Description:  Students will gain exposure to a variety of different usable art forms. They will be introduced to culinary arts, architecture, carpentry, clothing design, jewelry making, interior decorating, weaving, basketry, pottery, and more.  Students will decide which usable art forms to make and master using special materials and tools.  Their projects will be displayed at our end of the summer talent showcase.

Performing Arts & Artists

Goals: Imagination, Confidence, and Teamwork

Description:  Students will gain appreciation for the performing arts as they watch others perform and become performing artists themselves.  They will be introduced to singing, puppetry arts, drama, storytelling, dance, and music.  Students will be encouraged to make-believe, image, and express themselves creatively through dance and music. Together, students will plan, practice, and work together to create a performance for our summer talent showcase.


Please contact us for further information.