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At Canterbury School, a combination of both teacher-directed and student-directed learning provides an important balance in the curriculum.  A highly qualified teacher, who is knowledgeable in early childhood education, supports students’ learning.  They prepare lesson plans with measurable objectives that target each of the developmental domains: language, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.  Instruction on important skills and knowledge is provided in small groups or individually. 

Additionally, students have a large hand in the direction of their learning.  Students have many choices and plenty of time for play and exploration.  A stimulating environment is provided for children to explore, manipulate, make discoveries, test out new ideas, revisit and revise old ideas, practice new skills, and work with friends.

At Canterbury School, an integrated curriculum is used, in which all academic subjects and developmental areas are brought together to make a more meaningful learning experience.  Topics, or themes, are chosen and focused on over an extended period of time.  These topics are carefully chosen based on observations of students’ interests, children’s prior knowledge, relevance to children’s real life experiences, the ability to explore the topic in-depth,  and the necessity of the topic.

Several others factors are taken into consideration when teachers prepare their lesson plans.  Listed below, are some of the elements of our curriculum.

Elements of the Curriculum